What is justKnow?
justKnow is a Send to Phone+ (Plus) Internet service that lets your site visitors easily send your site's important information to themselves and to their friends. The “+” takes you beyond basic send-to-phone by letting visitors send your information for delivery “now” and “later” to their: mobile phone (as text messages), telephone (as voice/phone calls), email address, and online or PC calendar. justKnow helps to keep your information first and foremost on your visitors' minds.

What do I need to set up and manage justKnow?
You simply need a Website, an Internet connection, and a very basic knowledge of editing HTML and managing your Website's files. justKnow takes care of the rest: sending your messages, communicating with the wireless carriers and phone companies, keeping your email messages whitelisted, and supporting various calendar applications.

Does justKnow require any new software to be installed on my Web server?
No. justKnow only requires you to create a new "justknow" folder on your Website. The folder contains some graphics files, an HTML file and a Javascript file. Once that folder is set up, all you have to do is copy and paste the justKnow in-page pop-up instance(s) into your Web page(s). This process is simple and takes just a few minutes.

How do I administer my justKnow account?
Your justKnow account is a Web administative interface that allows you to quickly and easily manage your justKnow Service Plan(s), settings and other features.

Can I control what the justKnow in-page pop-up button looks like?
Yes. justKnow provides several button and text link options for you to choose. If desired, you can also use your own customized buttons and text links.

Can I control which destination options get displayed (i.e. SMS only, Telephone only, Calendar only, Email only, or all)?
Yes. justKnow provides you with an option that lets you control whether SMS only, Telephone Only, Calendar Only, Email only or all the destination options are shown in the in-page pop-up.

How do I get technical support if I need it?
justKnow provides an extensive FAQ and Troubleshooting guide. justKnow also provides free technical support for customers with any paid-for Service Plan.

Can I change the in-page pop-up or brand it?
Yes. justKnow allows you to change the button or text used to launch the in-page pop-up. justKnow's Premium Media Campaigns Package (complimentary for Service Plan(s) totaling $500+/month) allows you to brand the in-page pop-up and further customize your text messages, phone calls, email messages, and calendar markers.

Can I put the justKnow in-page pop-up on multiple pages of my Website?
Yes. You can add as many instances of the justKnow in-page pop-up to your Web page(s) as you wish. justKnow pricing is based on the number of text messages and phone calls you purchase, not the number of justKnow in-page pop-up instances on your Website.

Can I put the justKnow in-page pop-up on multiple Websites?
Yes. justKnow provides complete flexibility - you can use your justKnow Text Messages and Phone Calls Service Plan resources for an individual domain or use the resources across multiple domains.

Will I get a bunch of SPAM after I register?
No. The only correspondence you will receive from justKnow is important information regarding your account.

Can the justKnow service handle a large quantity of messages?
Yes. The justKnow Service was designed to have near zero-load impact on your Web server, and has Service Plans offering over 100,000 text messages and phone calls/month.

I have a global user base — can justKnow accommodate their language and time zone requirements?
Yes. All time zones (and Daylight Saving Time) are supported for convenient and welcomed delivery of your important information. For the in-page pop-up, you may choose to display the entire pop-up in these languages: English, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish (Latin America). Additionally, your information/message can be displayed in ANY LANGUAGE that your computer and your users' computers and mobile phones support for delivery of text messages, emails and calendar markers. NOTE: At this time, voice phone calls are available in English only.

Can I try justKnow for free?
Yes. justKnow offers a free Service Plan that is ad-supported with limited text messages and phone calls, and unlimited email and calendar.

What does justKnow cost?
justKnow is a monthly subscription service with a wide range of flexible Service Plans, giving you considerable control in how, when and where you spend. You can start as low as $20/month and upgrade at any time to meet your changing needs. Please click the 'Pricing' button for more details.

What happens if I reach my monthly Text Message or Phone Call limit?
justKnow will send you an email alert when your Service Plan resources are approximately 80% utilized and again when fully depleted. You can choose to upgrade your Service Plan(s) at any time or allow justKnow to continue operating with the text message and/or phone call disabled (email and calendar are unlimited). Service Plan resources are automatically replenished at the beginning of each service period.

Do unused Text Messages/Phone Calls roll over from month to month?

Can justKnow send text messages and place phone calls internationally?
justKnow sends text messages internationally and places phone calls in North America.

Will there be any advertising to my Website visitors?
justKnow includes advertisements ONLY for customers on free Service Plans. Customers qualifying for the Premium Media Campaigns Package have the option to include their own advertisements (if desired).

How can justKnow help my bottom line?
Adding justKnow to your Website allows your visitors to easily self-direct your information to themselves in the form of text messages, phone calls, emails and calendar markers. By doing so, justKnow allows you to build strong brand loyalty by giving your Website visitors powerful reasons to experience your site over and over again, monetizing your information. Whether they 'know now' or 'know later', everyone will justKnow your important info just when and where they need it most -- so they will act on your information. Also, via the Premium Media Campaigns Package, justKnow gives you a powerful mechanism to either increase or create new advertising revenue streams and/or strengthen and broaden your brand's reach.

Can Website visitors change the message text I set?
No. However, when your messages are short of the maximum length allowed, you can give your users the option to append additional information (like their name or a short comment) when sending to themselves or their friends.

Does the justKnow service deliver messages reliably?
Yes. justKnow goes to great measures to ensure all messages get through reliably and in a timely manner. justKnow works closely with wireless carriers to make sure your text messages get through. justKnow is voicemail system and answering machine-friendly, so your telephone messages get through, even if no one answers. justKnow strives to stay whitelisted, so your email messages don't end up in junk/bulk mail folders.

Are statistics available?
Yes. Comprehensive statistics are kept so you can easily manage, track and plan usage of your text message and phone call resources.

Can I tie justKnow to dynamically generated data from my Website?
Yes. You can easily add justKnow's in-page pop-up to your Web pages - manually or dynamically.


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