November 4th, 2008
justKnow® harnesses key send-to-phone potency: text messaging.
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, NOVEMBER 04, 2008 | Send to Phone+ capability with justKnow makes Websites mobile-friendly to worldwide mobile audience.

The small but fast-growing cadre of Websites offering basic send-to-phone capability to their site visitors are well aware of the power of opening their Web content to the mobile market. Send-to-phone capability lets consumers have access to Web content, simply by sending themselves specifically-linked content from a Website to their mobile phones as text messages. The benefits of basic send-to-phone are numerous:

  • Instantly makes Websites mobile-friendly
  • Opens online business to large and highly coveted mobile demographic
  • Makes Website information unforgettable, sticky and viral
  • Efficient, convenient and time-saving for both Website owners and Website visitors
  • Web content becomes attention-grabbing, easily-retrievable, highly-portable text messages
  • Effective sharing and transfer of knowledge and information
“There have been spectacular failures in the wireless data industry in trying to capture the attention of mobile subscribers. Sometimes, advancing technology means sticking to what works and just making it better, more readily available and more applicable to real life,” said CEO and President of SparcPlug, Matt Parzych, referring to the huge popularity of text messaging. “There’s no need to over-engineer something that the consumer has already stamped with their approval. Combining the needs of businesses to reach mobile consumers, with how those consumers want to be reached is key to justKnow, which takes you leagues beyond basic send-to-phone.”

The empowering quality of basic send-to-phone capability lies in the concept of Self-Direct Marketing. On a completely different scale from Opt-In or Permission Marketing, Self-Direct Marketing dismantles consumer worries of receiving spam on their mobile phones by giving them precise and sole control over the text messages they receive. “With justKnow on their Web pages, businesses can easily be accessible to the global mobile market. Our Send to Phone+ capability lets consumers self-send the information they want to their telephones, emails and calendars, and, yes, of course, to their mobile phones as text messages,” said SparcPlug CMO, Erin Lee. “Consumers get what they want, how they want it, and businesses have an incredibly easy and affordable entry into mobile marketing, while still reaching the demographic that wants the traditional communication avenues.”

Mobile Website or standard Website, send-to-phone capability works in complete harmony with all Websites. Standard Websites with send-to-phone lets consumers self-send linked content to their text-enabled mobile phones. Businesses already with mobile versions of their Website or Web services can use send-to-phone to give greater and more convenient access by letting consumers self-send specific links to the content. This gives them direct access from their Web-enbabled mobile phones without typing or navigation.

About justKnow
A service of SparcPlug, Inc., justKnow offers Send to Phone+ capability giving Websites an easy and affordable entry into mobile marketing and advertising. justKnow lets site visitors self-send Web content for delivery “Now” and “Later“ to: mobile phones (SMS/text messages), telephones (voice calls), emails (whitelisted delivery) and calendars (iCal, Outlook, Yahoo! and Google). Visit for information on free or paid-for service plans, paperless solutions and demos.

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