October 23rd, 2008
Sendomatic e-invitation service leaps into mobile marketing, and beyond, with justKnow®
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, OCTOBER 23, 2008 | First-Ever Send to Phone+ Functionality Offered by Leading Online Invitation and Announcement Service.

Sendomatic (www.sendomatic.com), the leading 100% advertisement-free online invitation and e-card service, announces the addition of the justKnow (www.justKnow.com) Send to Phone+ functionality to their service offerings. Leapfrogging competitors, Sendomatic’s introduction of justKnow gives users multiple self-send options not available on other online invitation sites, which offer only basic send-to-phone (Web content sent as text message to mobile phones only, delivered at an unspecified time).

Multiple self-send options are standard with justKnow and comprise the “Plus” in Send to Phone+. From just one easy, streamlined interface, attendees can immediately self-send their customized, attendee-specific information (e.g., volunteered to bring appetizers, help with set-up, etc.) along with the general event details (date, time, contact, address and RSVP information) to their:

  • Mobile phones as text messages (with convenient Web links for Web-enabled phones)
  • Online calendars ((iCal®, Outlook®, Yahoo!®, Google®)
  • Telephones as voice calls
  • Emails (whitelisted delivery)
Additionally, justKnow offers the breakthrough “Know Later” option where users may schedule a future delivery of event details as a reminder. Having the who-what-when-where of an event is useful to have on the many popular devices and applications used daily by consumers, and justKnow elevates that usefulness by keeping event information available not only where users want it, but when they need it. “Knowledge is most powerful when it’s perfectly timed to an actionable moment, whether it’s to buy chips for a party, or RSVPing to it,” said Jennifer Sitko, President of Sendomatic. “With justKnow, our users can precisely schedule event information to be delivered at the time they know they’ll be able to respond to it.”

Response and attendance rates are already high with Sendomatic, and the addition of justKnow continues to increase those rates while further reducing the need for RSVP management by the host. The calendaring feature of the justKnow Send to Phone+ functionality is very popular with corporate clients, and all users are finding the myriad send options a smart convenience. “Though justKnow is extremely sophisticated in marketing a brand, or in Sendomatic’s case, a host marketing an event, end-users appreciate the ease of use and inherent respect for their time,” said SparcPlug, Inc.’s CEO, Matt Parzych. “We know people are busy and overwhelmed with information, so we designed justKnow to hit all the communication spots, giving them only the information they want, all from an easy, uncomplicated interface that helps everyone keep important events and information on the forefront of their minds.”

There are no downloads or installations for Sendomatic’s users to use justKnow. Just a click from the online invitation launches the justKnow interface which lets users send themselves the event information. Whether they choose to Know Now, Know Later (or both), everyone will justKnow.

About Sendomatic, Inc.
Sendomatic (www.sendomatic.com) was launched in 1999 to assist individuals, organizations and companies with creating and managing events online. Sendomatic’s goal was to provide a unique, creative and less-expensive option to mailing out printed invitations or announcements. With the valued feedback and suggestions from a loyal user-base, Sendomatic has recently released version 6.0, the 6th generation of the application with improved usability, functionality and designs. Press contact: Please use the contact form on www.Sendomatic.com.
About justKnow
A service of SparcPlug, Inc., justKnow offers Send to Phone+ capability giving Websites an easy and affordable entry into mobile marketing and advertising. justKnow lets site visitors self-send Web content for delivery “Now” as well as “Later” to: mobile phones (SMS/text messages), telephones (voice calls), emails (whitelisted delivery) and calendars (many popular versions supported). Visit www.justKnow.com for information on free or paid-for service plans, paperless solutions and demos.

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