March 04th, 2008
Send-to-Phone Becomes Serious Marketing Tool.
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, MARCH 04, 2008 | The justKnow® Send to Phone+ service gives Website content staying power even “offline”.

Basic send-to-phone capability is garnering the attention of brands trying to boost their online presence and fully optimize their Web content’s reach. While Websites offering basic send-to-phone are growing, development of this capability has been for exclusive use, until now. The first and only Send to Phone+ service available to the global business world is justKnow, a powerfully amped-up version that takes basic send-to-phone to stratospheric levels. justKnow elegantly bridges the online world to many useful “offline” modes of communication, making Web content more accessible and more integrated. justKnow keeps Web content front-and-center in users’ daily lives.

Whereas basic send-to-phone allows users to only send information to one device at a non-specified time, justKnow broadens the offering to also let users schedule precisely-timed future self-sends to their:

  • Mobile Phones (as text messages)
  • Telephones (as voice phone calls)
  • Calendars (iCal®, Outlook®, Yahoo!®, Google®)
  • Email (whitelisted delivery)
Consumers self-send Web content to the devices and applications they rely on most and can schedule the delivery of the information at the specific time they know the information will be most useful to them.

justKnow is ready-to-go and fully functional with a simple ‘copy and paste’. Some of its many features include ‘Resource Allocation’ (allows for easy sharing and managing justKnow Service Plan resources) and the ‘Premium Media Campaigns Package’ which creates new advertising revenue-generating streams and new marketing and branding opportunities ( A fully hosted monthly subscription service, justKnow also takes care of:

  • Wireless - monitor, maintain and track carriers globally
  • Telephone - process delivery, voicemail-friendly, text-to-speech (TTS) systems
  • Calendars - various platforms, online/desktop, support and track all popular versions
  • Email - whitelisted delivery, spam filter-friendly
  • Future Delivery - global time zones, Daylight Saving Time (DST) maintenance
  • Global Reach - datelines, content delivery in ALL languages, interface in seven languages

Now, making a Website more robust, more revenue-generating, more globally accessible, more relevant is easy, fast and affordable with justKnow; it’s all in the “+” of the justKnow Send to Phone+ service.

About justKnow
justKnow is the only Web service offering Send to Phone+ capability. It’s the easiest, fastest and most affordable entry into mobile marketing. justKnow lets your Website visitors self-send Web content for delivery “now” as well as “later” to their: mobile phones (text messages), telephones (voice calls), email (whitelisted delivery) and calendars (many popular versions supported). justKnow offers free service plans. Paid service plans start at $20 a month and are upgradeable at any time to meet consumer demand. justKnow’s flexible and affordable pricing is accessible on without sign up or log in. A comprehensive demo is available at:

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