February 13th, 2008
SparcPlug, Inc.’s justKnow service offers feature-laden send-to-phone+ for Websites.
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, FEBRUARY 13, 2008 | SparcPlug, Inc. announced today the launch of their justKnow service. justKnow provides hosted Send to Phone “+” capability for Websites.

“justKnow goes far beyond the basic send-to-phone that you find on Websites today,” said Matt Parzych, a pioneer in wireless communications and SparcPlug’s CEO and President. “justKnow lets your site visitors send your site’s information to themselves, not only as text messages to their mobile phones, but also as phone calls, emails and calendar markers. justKnow also has a smart feature that lets users ‘Know Now’, as well as ‘Know Later’, that is, you can get immediate delivery and schedule a future delivery of the information, too.”

A comprehensive demo is available on justKnow.com and the Website further explains justKnow’s many offerings, such as its Resource Allocation feature, as well as its Premium Media Campaigns Package which opens new frontiers for advertising and branding. “Along with a slew of other features, the ‘+’ is our attempt to show the compact power of justKnow,” said Erin Lee, SparcPlug’s CMO. “Trying to summarize the full breadth of the justKnow service, our marketing team joked that justKnow is send-to-phone on steroids. I think ‘Send to Phone+’ is a better (and safer) marketing description.”

At its most stripped-down level, justKnow offers potent send to phone+ capability, though it hides behind an elegantly simple administrative interface. It takes just a few minutes to sign up and set up. justKnow hosts everything, so only a simple ‘copy and paste’ is required to be up and running in minutes. End users see a convenient and easy-to-use interface. True to the global reach of the Internet, justKnow supports many languages. The information that the Website owner wishes to make available for self-directed sends by site visitors can be entered and delivered (text messages, emails and calendar markers only) in any language. The end user interface is currently available in seven languages:

  • Arabic
  • English
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Spanish
With an estimated 243 million mobile subscribers in the U.S. (CTIA, June 2007) and over 3.3 billion subscribers worldwide at the end of 2007 (The Mobile World, 2008), justKnow firmly plants you in the mobile marketing arena, without any wireless industry knowledge or expertise. justKnow also appeals to the demographic not yet comfortable with text messaging by giving those users an option to send themselves phone calls, where the information is converted from text to speech (TTS). Whitelisted email delivery and support of the most popular calendars round out the destination options users have to take a site’s information with them (even offline), boosting a Website’s stickiness.

justKnow offers free service plans. Paid service plans start at $20 a month and are upgradeable at any time to meet visitor demand. justKnow’s flexible and affordable pricing is accessible on justKnow.com without sign up or log in.

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